Pathfinder in ND

Riddle of the Sphinx

We are at the platform.
It’s got buttons.
Two bigger buttons.
One away from the others with symbols on it, written in ancient dwarven, and numbers are in common.
Symbols are parts of letters.
There is an orb at the top of the room. The orb is green. After pressing 3 a slice turns cyan. After pressing 1, 2, 4, 6 the whole orb turns cyan.
We start to hit all the buttons on the panel. “C” locks the door, “L” makes the air thinner.
Matt hits “C” the doors open.
Michael hits “L” nothing happens.
The waterfall is flowing again.
Kris hears MANY footsteps approaching.
Michael hits the “poo” button which seems to be some sort of master reset.
Michael hits all the numbers, makes the orb cyan, and hits “c” and opens the door.
The numbers seem to correspond to the levels, or stories, of the tower.
Kris is back with us, but not in the room.
Michael hits “6” and “C”
Nick warns us not to metagame, or he will punish us.
“F” makes the sphere disappear, and there is a low rumbling, after 10 seconds the rumbling grows louder.
Kris is in the room, the door is locked.
We’re all in the room, Kris goes and pulls the lever. The whole platform goes up, with Kris, by himself.
Kris is in the room with 4 big doors, and the doors are open.
There is a creature, just one. Large, 10ft x 10ft. It appears to be a sphinx it has the wings of a falcon, the head and torso of a human woman, and the body of a lion.
Kris says hello, the sphinx nods.
Kris asks why she’s there, it narrows its eyes and widens them.
Kris asks if she understands him, she nods.
Kris asks if she serves a purpose, she nods.
Kris asks if she would like to share that purpose, she smirks.
Kris says, “I’ll be right back.”
Kris pulls the lever, the platform descends, he comes back to the group and shares his tale. We all get on the play
Michael knows that sphinxes are magical, he didn’t think they were real. Can’t wild shape into them, because they’re magical creatures.
Michael knows there are two types of sphinxes.
1) Nice: that help weary travelers and guard villages.
2) Mean: that ask riddles and guard treasures, but not necessarily physical treasure, it could be knowledge.

Michael steps off the platform and she says, “Courage is a good sign.”
She tells him to approach.
Michael approaches, gets within five feet of her and says, “Greetings mighty sphinx, is there anything you would like to be referred to as?”
She says, " I was once called Akila."
Michael asks what she’s doing here. She says she’s in search of knowledge.
Some conversation.
The sphinx sits up, Peter offers her the windpipes of haunting.
Michael notices (with a perception of 32) that there is a mark under the sphinx.
There is something that the more you take, the more you leave behind.
We answer with, “Footsteps”
She says, “That is correct. Perhaps more than mete pebbles.”
“A horde of rings, none fit for a lover, I await a swords kiss.”
“The way I hear it, that’s correct.”
“One more to prove that you are more.”
Michael, “Oh mighty sphinx, we believe we have the answer you’re looking for, a battle standard.”
She looks pleased and smiles. She says, “That’s wrong.” And stands up revealing the entirety of the symbol she’s sitting on. We failed a fortitude save, except for Matt. It swipes at us, and says, “Knowledge is power.” Battle commences.

answer was probably courage

Never trust a summon

The half-ogre goes up to and proceeds to choke the elf to death.
After some discussion she kills him.
After some more discussion we decide that our party needs to find the control room of the tower, and find a way to close off the tower to outsiders and give certain people access.

We proceed back the way we came, to the entrance of the tower.
We come to a door slightly larger than normal.
It has an illusion aura on it, and there is a secret door right in front of the door that we see.
Michael burrows under the door and finds a door with chains on the other side. He summons a wolverine, it approaches the door, a bolt of lightning comes from the door into the wolverine. The wolverine turns on Michael, he dispatches it, a presence tries to possess Michael, but he resists it.
Michael opens the door.
Peter walks in and the sconces light up and a center bonfire ignites and a pedestal behind the bonfire.
There’s a grid and unrecognizable numbers on the grid.

Clones aren't fair

Battle commences.
Biggest guy summons a copy of itself, little skeletons die.
Guenhwyvar dies.
A familiar, and quite beat-up looking, half-ogre swoops in and knocks out the copy and hits the original.
She joins the battle on our side.
Matt performs a coup de grace on the summon, and doesn’t kill it.
Battle continues.
The half-ogre kills it.

We grab the book on the pedestal and go back to the room we came through, open the book and we get transported back to the prison room.

Peter tries to cast spark, it fizzles out and right after that the cages disintegrate, the halfling disintegrates like ash, and I’m relaying the story to the half-ogre and Peter starts to relay it to the wizard over the magical walkie-talkie, but the half-ogre stops him and tells Peter not to, that we haven’t been told the whole story

Gray Render

Gray Render
*battle commences*
We proceed to the fourth area
On the fourth plain
In a room with no immediate route of return to where we were. It seems like a plain of oblivion. The room we are in has a trapdoor in the floor.
We go down into another room, open a door, and we are at the front of what appears to be a church. There is a book at the front of the stage, and at the back of the stage are shelves, full of picked clean bones.
The church is full of enemies.
Lots of undead
8 burning skeletons
1 osyluth, known in devils circles as the torturer.
The book on the stage has an aura of alteration or perhaps conjuration
Battle will commence.


We found a prison in the tower.
There is an anti-magic field in the prison.
Four cells in the room, one person in each cell, some of the people we’re looking for.
One of the bodies appears to be dead, but sometimes it speaks into our minds, in old elvish, or perhaps multiple languages.
Michael finds a secret area, Matt is brave and reaches into it, it’s cold.
Matt steps in and is on bumpy metal, the sky is a sandy brown color, mountains and stuff. A hard to see but visible pattern in the sky, a grid.
Michael puts his arm through, Matt grabs his arm and comes back. Peter goes in, Michael goes in. Magic does not work here, Michael searches and finds a hex pillar about 50 feet around, seven feet tall and domed on top.
Michael goes back and relays this information to the group, and Peter to the wizard to via walkie-talkie amulet.
Michael & Peter go to the bolt, try to move it, it does not move. There is a quake, at the same time as the quake the orc in the prison shakes.
There is some connection between this world and the plain.
There are bolts all over about 20, at least one of the bolts connects to another bolt. The bolts may be on another plain, or they make us very small and so we are on the prisoners chains.
Michael and Peter, while exploring, have found sticks on the tops of bolts, the sticks seem to be keys that unlock travel between the plains.

Our world leads to Plain A
Plain A seems to be the orc
Plain B seems to be the teafling
Plain C seems to be the elf
Plain D seems to be dead(?) humanoid

00 – orc
2 – teafling
3 – elf
4 – dead(?) humanoid

Matt, Michael, and Michael’s cat are proceeding to plain D, on the way there, on plain C, we see a humanoid creature with slick grey hairless skin.
Michael and his cat sneak away from Matt, and we all sneak towards the grey creature.
The ground around the creature for a good 300 feet seems to be swampy. In this swampy land magic works.
Matt goes and gets Peter, Michael stays near the bog man.
The party returns and Michael casts Lily Pad Stride on his cat.

Grey Render is the creatures name

We almost died!

We are invisible. Kris notices a leather pouch behind a statue. Kris grabs the leather pouch and it has a symbol on it, the symbol looks like a diamond with 3 dots on it.
Peter tells the elf outside about the leather pouch. He does not recognize it from the description given.
We climb up one more level of stairs, there is a door, Michael opens it, it’s loud, a long hallway with lots of doors. Michael closes it again.
We climb up the stairs as high as they go.
There is a big circular room with 8 orcs. Well armored and well equipped.
Two orcs notice something and we retreat down the stairs and they follow us.
They get to the top of the stairs, stop, pull out what could be a communication device, and begin talking.
Michael summons a small fire elemental and it is swiftly dispatched.
Battle commences.
Eight fire orcs in all.
Finally achieve victory by the skin of our teeth.
All fully healed.
The orcs are wearing highly unusual armor – not magical – the properties of mithril but not the look, feel, or temperature of mithril, they feel warm to the touch.

8 special mithril half-plate:
8 AC
25 lbs
30% spell failure chance
Max dex bonus: +2
Armor check penalty: -4
9600 gold each – could probably fetch 14400 gold each, especially to someone who is interested in them, and their properties.

8 swords
+1 longswords
1300 gold each

8 spears – Naginata (normal)

8 great axes (normal)

8 amulets (communication amulets)

At 21,700 exp.

We need to find a place to rest ASAP, and this probably isn’t the best place to do it.

Nick needs to roll for gold and other miscellaneous items for us.

Oozes and gross

Michael, Michael’s cat, Matt & Onida follow Peter and Kris down the waterfall. Michael pulls a lever, the waterfall was stopped and the water level descends, as well as a ladder coming down from the water fall area. Michael goes to the grate pulls a lever, the four of them get pushed to the other side. Michael yells out Peters name, and as he yells his name, he hears a thunderbolt.
battle commences
Michael runs up the stairs and yells, “Follow me!”
Climb a ladder in the dark room
Up there we find a room with mundane equipment, and a door with a trap. Exhaustion trap. We get through the door, destroy the trap, and there are stairs. We head up the stairs and the exhaustion lifts. After we reach a platform there is a double door and a staircase that continues on. On the third step up there is a stone block with a metal mask, frowning, horrific and demonic, behind where the eye sockets are are eyes that are looking at our equipment, looking at them over and over. The eyes have a divination aura. And the mask is a war mask of the god gorum – chaotic neutral.
Hallway behind the double door, and we hear distant footsteps.
Michael explores, finds what seems to be a theatre in one room and a kitchen in another. There are at least 70 orcs, most likely hundreds in this place.
Michael gets back to the group, having evaded the guard who is patrolling, who happened to be making the footsteps.
While we are discussing what to do the stone face begins to slide down. Peter casts invisibility sphere, we as a group move to get out of the path between the stairs and door.
There is an elf behind the sliding door, wearing very non-typical elf apparel. He is wearing really expensive armor could be mithril or brass (the colors are somewhat similar). The elf is with an orc, and the elf stops and looks as though he is looking for something that is not there (probably us.) They go out the door.
We go through where the mask door was and now we are past the face.

Nick has been saying things that we should be taking figuratively, that we’ve been taking literally. People have been saying it to us as well.

Frost Giant

We proceed northward through the desert on what we think used to be the path.
We see a huge, 200 foot radius, 6,000 foot tall eyrie, to the west we see the ocean, which is freezing near the shore. The tower is pristine.
There’s a panel with magic looking symbols on it, we don’t know what they say or mean.
We proceed into the tower.
We see a group of people inside the tower, they look ragtag like us and they do appear to be aware of us.
Nine of them.
Two dwarves: male and female, dressed in noble clothes.
Two humans, dressed as wizards.
One elven wizard. The wizards are part of an old, closed group of wizards, called The Dark Deep, and they are dedicated to the study of old magic, rather than the acquiring of newer magics.
Two half orcs dressed to the brim in heavy armor.
A half ogre female.
A Tiefling, demon folk, of demon ancestry.
They are all decked out in magical gear.
The half ogre greets us, she is friendly. The elf rushes up and demands to know who sent us.
The team of nine doesn’t want us here.
The ogre grabs Peter and in a deceivingly menacing way says, “I’m sorry about this, but we should be gone in a week.”
The tiefling summons something that stays around for more than a minute, seems to be a summoned creature, but it’s different.
We decide to leave and head to the dwarven kingdom, which is eastward.
As we travel we notice a thudding, Michael sneaks up and sees a frost giant, he then proceeds back to the group and informs them. We then produce a battle plan and the best laid plans of gnomes and dwarves often go awry. Spellcasting alerts the frost giant to our presence and battle commences.
Victory is achieved. The giant’s loot is:
Large great axe
Large chain shirt
Magical cloak of resistance +2
Two magical (set of) medium short swords +1
368 GP
In gems 174 GP – including a set of earrings
Scroll of invisibility sphere
Potion of aid – CL 3
Potion of cure moderate wounds – CL 3
Mundane equipment totaling 33 GP (sell for half).
1 day of game time has passed.
Preparing to bed down for the night.

Magic items are marvelous

Archetypes at level 7 If you want.
Michael starts crafting alchemist’s fire. Will take him 56 hours to craft one.
Peter has begun the process of scribing the scroll of Shield.
Michael goes around the town and asks people if they know what the alchemical recipe is, or if they recognize it. He finds someone who has pertinent information. Michael will have to come back at a later (unknown) time to find out more.
Michael desires to gain a closer kinship with his deity, the Spirit of the Forest, every in-game end-day for the next week he must roll a Knowledge Nature roll.
Roll 1 – 23
Roll 2 – 30
Roll 3 – 31
Roll 4 – 32
Roll 5 – 13
Roll 6 – 26
Roll 7 – 19
We proceed back to Alia.
The Sphinx has been around as long as we know, weird occult things have happened with the sphinx, things with lesser demons.
Go to Fei – the big trading post – four more buildings have showed up. Including a three story building that claims to have, "everything. "
We stay in Fei for four days while Peter crafts his cloak.
While we are in the area for Peter’s crafting, Michael builds a shelter, because he’s a druid.
Michael has completed 2 alchemists fires. And during his meditation he detects the scent of Oak, it is drawing him westward, 2 of the nights he smells burning oaks, but he doesn’t know what this means.
We leave Fei and head north.
Michael’s shelter is coming along, it blends in very well with the surroundings, and can comfortably house 4 medium sized creatures.
The party has sold their mounts and the things that go along with them.
We leave the town and head north.
After traveling we come to a desert.
It’s getting colder.
The trail we’re on has disappeared at some point in the past.
We are camping, Michael & his cat hear a sound, they don’t recognize it.
3 giant scorpions (large size) appear.
Battle commences.
Kris & Matt resolve poison. They have strength damage.
Scorpions have chiten (30 lbs)
We set watches and rest.
10 days game time has passed.

Back to Hymowack

Michael’s scimitar, that can resize itself is named Joia.
The papers written in an unknown language are an alchemical recipe for something unknown, Peter transcribes them into Draconic for me.
We rest & the next day head back to the town. We crest a ridge & see the stones where we hid from the frost worms. A person is hanging above them, suspended by their feet from a crude structure.
Michael & his cat do some sneaking & find a pair of ice trolls. Goes back to the party and relays the information.
Planning happens.
Battle commences.
Victory ensues.
2 large battles axes for loot.
We untie the guy who was hanging, he was a part of a caravan going to the southern major dwarven home, from the city of Rath.
We get back to Hymowack.
Jensin Marco (the guy we rescue) tells us if we’re ever in Rath to look him up.
We say we will and wish him well on his travels.
Get 200GP apiece, level up, now at 15,400 exp
**Peter needs to craft snapleaf magic items
18 hours game time has passed


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