Pathfinder in ND


Michael is sick in the wagon.
Sought out a caravan as mercenary guards.
Stayed at the inn in Ereth’s home town.
Found someone willing to pay us each 15 GP to guard him.
Caravan sets out for Alia.
On the bridge where we met the brigands, we are accosted by 9 bad guys.
We kill 6, 3 run away. 2 of these are wounded, leaving a traceable blood trail. After plundering the dead, we consider following the trail.
Make camp.
*****session break*****
Matt is sick, Michael’s better.
Michael found an assassin vine, ran away because they’re horrifyingly dangerous.
Resting at the caravan for the evening.
Battle in the night – the assassin vine has sought us out.
Matt has recovered.
Victory over the assassin plant.
Peter, Michael, and his cat go in search of the bandits who ran off.
We find them and surprise attack them.
Kill all but one who we let go, and tell to go back to Ereth’s hometown, Vedcora
We return to the caravan with all the loot from the bandit camp.
Continue on and see a large white ape behind us who wanders into the forest.
Continue on to Alia uneventfully.
Give weapons we got from the bandits to Alia’s militia.
~300 dwarves passed thru Alia a few days earlier.
Buy some stuff.
Join with the merchant we came with for 20 GP to travel with him to Fei.
Michael makes some potions.
We leave the morning of the third day being at Alia.
In the night a very bright fire appears, we get up and get going.
Kris scouts ahead.
Without incident we make it to Fei.
We get paid, and the whole fire thing is still going on.
Kris, Michael and his cat go check out the fire.
The fire is being magically maintained. As well as having some some controlling magics cast on/around it by dwarves. The dwarves are constructing some sort of building, in the building are dwarves wearing suits resembling scuba gear.
We go back to the town, sleep, inquire around town about troubles/recent news.
Michael meets a druid and talks with him, his name is Mali. He has been going north following the call if the trees. Looking for “it.”
The next day Matt, Kris, Michael and his cat go to the ring of dwarves.

Heroes of Alia

The next morning we wake up and the town is throwing a party for us
Ereth (elder at Alia) gives us a letter explaining what we did for the town, it is addressed to the town of Vedcora (the town Ereth comes from – is the elf authority on the west side of the continent)
A townsman manages to get a tree to fall on him, we rescue him and come back to town.
The next day we wake up and head southwest to Vedcora.
Travel for half a day and come to a bridge 40 feet long and 10 feet wide.
Two guys with a troll on a chain are extorting people who attempt to cross the bridge.
Peter intimidates them and we cross the bridge.
After two days we arrive safely at Vedcora, the elf city. (Est. pop. 10,000)
Find out info – shop.

rescue the kids

Perfect circle surrounding the arch, cut about 6 inches into the ground
Kris went inside the circle and hears whispering coming from the arch, the language it is speaking is Abyssal
The arch is a portal
Thru the arch is a small room
After matt kicks in the door we are on a balcony, with stairs leading down to a room filled with bones.
We go down and skeletons arise around us
Battle ensues
We kill the skeletons
Proceed further along
Kill a guy carrying a box of bones
Find a summoning circle in a creepy room
A closet of ingredients, lots of ingredients
A room with two cages. And a guy poking at the things in the cages with a stick.
The cages are full of…different, not scared, but different, children.
Matt and Peter hit the guy who then does magic, turn into a ghostly 6ft skull and goes to the creepy room the summoning circle
Everyone goes to the room
Peter wraps up the door in the room with the cages to secure them
We all go after him, Peter catches up.
The guy cuts his abdomen and his guts spill out all over the pentagram and explodes.
4 Skeletons show up, as well as a dretch demon.
Battle ensues.
We emerge victorious, rescue the children, get some gold, gems, and a scroll.
Return to the town and are greeted as heroes.


Got to a town.
Kids are being kidnapped.
Sphinx in the middle if town.
I talk to town elder, learn about disappearances and offer to help with the
aid of companions.
We’re gonna leave after witnessing child abduction.
Wait for peter…he gets killed after trying to kill and rob potionsmaker.
*session break*
Townspeople gather around the exploded potion shop
Town elders give us the benefit of the doubt, we are banished for 24 hours,
but otherwise nothing is held against us.
We leave in search of the children.
Encounter a band of half-orcs, end up killing all of them, got some coins
and loot.
Proceed to look for and succeed in finding the orc camp, some gold.
Proceed further on into the forest.
Come to a clearing, which contains a stone archway, they are piled up and
leaning together to form an arch


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