Pathfinder in ND


Got to a town.
Kids are being kidnapped.
Sphinx in the middle if town.
I talk to town elder, learn about disappearances and offer to help with the
aid of companions.
We’re gonna leave after witnessing child abduction.
Wait for peter…he gets killed after trying to kill and rob potionsmaker.
*session break*
Townspeople gather around the exploded potion shop
Town elders give us the benefit of the doubt, we are banished for 24 hours,
but otherwise nothing is held against us.
We leave in search of the children.
Encounter a band of half-orcs, end up killing all of them, got some coins
and loot.
Proceed to look for and succeed in finding the orc camp, some gold.
Proceed further on into the forest.
Come to a clearing, which contains a stone archway, they are piled up and
leaning together to form an arch


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