Pathfinder in ND

Got the goods

Kris opens the door that triggered a trap that almost killed him last time.
Onida goes down the hall that the door Kris opened leads to, there is a stone demon face with a surprised expression on its face. The stone demon face had a prism shaped ioun stone that is dusty rose colored. There is an alteration aura coming from the prism (ioun stone) Onida picked up. We all proceed down the hallway that the demon face is looking down.
Tapping is coming through the wall, we find a place where it is strongest, but don’t know of any way to access it so we continue on. We reach the room with the pressure plate that the centipedes were swarming over. So we go back to the T intersection and follow the other path. We come to a door, open it and inside is a drow elf, who is surprised to see us. He drops a smoke bomb and escapes, the room is full of the treasure we are looking for. We loot the room of all of its treasures, and while we load up the goods we look through them and identify the magical items.
The magical items we find are:
+1 Warhammer of shock: regular warhammer damage {1d8} +1d6 shock damage – Matt
*Ring of sustenance – Michael
*Ring of mind shield: protects against spells that detect lies, detect thoughts, or alignment – Onida
*Amulet of mighty fists: +1 – Kris
*Amulet of natural armor: +2 – Gwynn
*Braces of armor: +3 – Kris
*Crown: An extremely old crown of minor blasting: deals 3d8 fire damage once per day – Michael
*Illusory deck of cards, summons creatures that follow the summoners commands: 7 of spades = trademark joker & 7 of diamonds = regular joker – Onida
We load up my cat with the goods, and proceed to exit the dungeon.
We uneventfully leave the mine, and it is just after sunset.
We see 5 drow elves fighting (presumably) our guide, and one lone observer.
Battle commences.
Loot on the drow:
*Cloak of resistance +1
*Rapiers (5)
*Drow poison (12)
*Hand crossbow (5) & bolts (30)
*Scale mail (4)
Onida’s ioun stone is a regular ioun stone that gives +1 insight bonus to AC & is cursed, the only effect of the curse that Peter can tell is that Onida cannot get rid of it.
The lone observer is Peter, who is also the brother of our guide.
Ask the name of Michael’s scimitar
Split up items (drow loot)
Ask Peter what the papers written in an unknown language say
Peter is scribing a scroll
Show Peter scrolls (all parties scrolls) so he can learn new spells
12 hours of game time have passed
*prepare for next level

Peter dies...again.

Michael finds that the portcullis is trapped, with a large slit right in front of the door.
Peter devises a scheme to attempt to open the portcullis/set off the trap.
Matt & Kris attempt to implement the scheme.
It clicks up one rung. Peter tries to crawl under the portcullis & sets off the trap.
Peter dies…again.
Michael searches through Peter’s remains, we divide up his possessions. Michael says a prayer, & we proceed onward.
We come across a door which opens into a room with 5 hobgoblins.
Battle commences.
Victory ensues.
Matt tries to beat down the iron door in the room that the hobgoblins were in, he succeeds.
Michael and Kris jam up the trap that killed Peter, Matt comes to us & smooshes the scythe against the wall.
Matt & Kris lift up the portcullis.
Inside the room is a large pool with an alteration aura emanating from it. The ceiling is covered with bats.
Kris was going to pry a lever from the door, but it sprung a trap and Kris got hit with a poisoned arrow, he takes constitution damage, and he jumps into the pool. Kris comes out of the pool & is now male.
Matt jams the hole the arrow came out of.
We rest.
9 hours of game time has passed.

Deep gnomes and centipede swarms

“Matt” grabs an alchemists fire and Peter hits the door in front of him with his flail.
“Matt” throws the alchemists fire & misses but does 1 splash damage to the centipede swarm.
Battle commences.
Dispatch the centipede swarm.
Michael searches where the swarm was and lowers & raises the pressure plate. Which opens the door.
Peter broke the door and there’s a room with pillars, painting and writing in orcish that says, “It’s a trap.”
Found a secret door and Michael finds a trap in the hallway that the secret door opened into.
Michael springs the trap from a safe distance.
We proceed into the room & bump into 5 svirfneblin (deep gnome) & convince them to lead us to the humanoids they’ve seen around. The leader’s name is Frak.
There is a statue in the room of a demon, hezrou is it’s type.
We follow the deep gnomes.
Get through some locks.
Get to a door that last time the gnomes came through was locked, and is now open.
Peter goes through first. Peter, with the zombies in the room, have an initial round & then everyone gets involved.
Battle commences with zombies.
“Pherys fang’s looted this place” is scrawled on the wall.
“Matt” lays 2 caltrops on the smaller map.
We go through the door & continue on.
We progress onward & find an unlocked lockbox.
Inside the lockbox is:
63 GP
150 SP
And other gems all totaling ~1095 gp
A potion of (most likely) enlarge person
The treasure needs to be split up.
About 9 hours of game time have passed.

Frost worms be dangerous

Onida’s wooden holy symbol is turned to gold after the golden spiral stops glowing and falls to the stone floor. The spiral turns to stone. The town’s people are quite thankful and offer us gold. We initially accept, but when we overhear their dire straights, we give it back. They tell us they’ve suffered from thieves. All their prized possessions have been stolen by a band of thieves over a period of time. If we recover their treasure. we can each choose a treasure to keep. We question them about how long they may have been under the blight, and we tell them the current date. They do not recognize the calendar, suggesting it has been a very long time indeed. A man named Iggor offers to lead us to the thieves’ camp. We travel for two days.
Peter notices some rumbling, our guide is disturbed. He thinks it’s a frost worm: 2-16 tons something almost mythical; can eat whole caravans, it’s not fightable (at least by us.) We head for some large boulders that can’t be burrowed through. We barely make it up a large boulder.
The frost worm: 35 ft long, white, frost wisps waft between it’s mandibles. one eye, very fearsome. It issues a trill which fascinates. It lets out an icy blast, so cold that it splits part of the rock we’re on. Peter’s pony bolts, distracting the worm. The worm follows after the horse and we run away.
We continue on. 3rd day we find a small fort. Our guide identifies it as our destination. We search the fort. it is empty, but it appears to be used. One building has mining stuff: carts, and rail tracks going into the mountain. It appears to be a silver/aluminum mine. We go out and tell our guide to watch the horses and wait for us for up to three days. We break down a few doors. One is trapped. Pwent gets ruined, taking 6d6 damage. We see a centipede swarm swarming all over an object, we hear a bunch of people scramble behind the door that was trapped.
It is mid day on the third day.
3 days of game time have passed.

Saren Rae

Onida goes back to the church where she wants to change her deity to Saren Rae. The priest gives her information for what she has to do to (presumably) gain the favor, and become a follower, of Saren Rae.
Michael knows of a mountain town called Hymowac, which is north-northeast of here and will take at least a week to get there.
Michael goes to the library asking about Hymowac, Alyn finds a book about it. Michael tells the party what he knows about Hymowac, and suggests we all leave in the morning.
The next morning comes, & Peter, Onida, & Matt buy mounts, and equipment for those mounts.
Michael visits Alyn one last time before we leave.
We head east out of town and in 1.5 hours we reach Alia (first town, the one with the sphinx) from here we think we can see Hymowac.
We proceed eastward following the river. Walk for half an hour and encounter a fork in the river.
Kris knows if we go south towards the hills we will find a bridge. We do this and in half an hour come across a bridge which we don’t cross because it won’t support our weight. We continue on, and top a hill and we have lost sight of the river. However, now we can cross, we start to go and enter into a ravine. We go down and come up the other side, and continue eastward. Another half hour and we reach mountains. (5 hours since we left Melyor & it’s mid-afternoon) we find a path up the mountain and find a sign that might indicate Hymowac is ahead. We continue upwards on a path through the mountain.
Michael’s cat seems on edge and Michael tells the group this, we dismount and prepare for whatever may come next.
A winter wolf comes out and surprise attacks Kris, Michael, & Onida.
Kris gets knocked off the path, Michael & Onida take oodles of damage. Battle commences.
Victory over the winter wolf, as it dies it says, “You’re all so selfish.”
45 minutes later after proceeding further up the path we see lights that could be torches, we also see a figure who doesn’t appear to see us.
There are huts, it’s a small village.
We converse with someone who tells us to leave the plagued ones alone.
We spend the night – uneventful.
We search around and find an area to climb; Michael, Peter, & Onida climb. Matt, Kris, and Guenhwyvar stay with the horses and search the city for a church, they find a large stone building, with a symbol hastily and angrily scratched off. Inside the building there are dozens of bodies, living people most likely.
Michael, Onida, & Peter reach a ledge and continue onward. Michael is frozen in fear, but Peter & Onida continue onward.
As they continue onward they find what looks like a spiraling drop of gold. Onida takes it and brings it back to where Michael is, he touches it and his fear is overcome. Michael casts detect magic and there is a major conjuration aura emanating from it. We all barely make it down alive – Michael never should have gone up. Onida goes to the church and along with the golden droplet heals the blight of those in the town.
2 days of game time have passed.

Swarms Suck

We rest in the mine. Uneventful.
Wake up and we hear sounds of spiders that appear to be coming from the pit.
We wait, spider swarms come out of the pit, Michael & Onida cast spells.
Battle commences.
A heated battle with the spider swarms ends in victory.
We climb up the rope, out of the mine shaft.
Leave the mine and proceed back to the town.
Uneventful journey back to Melyor.
Onida seeks out a church to change her deity.
Sales are made, Onida gets a new holy symbol, people are healed of ability ailments (except my cat).
Michael looks to gets his scimitar identified, takes it somewhere. A smallish, but packed very full, library. And the woman working there makes an image copy of the scimitar. Michael also shows her some papers with an unknown language on them (the ones he found in an exploded room that had a conjuration aura) she’s seen it before, in a book, which was then picked up (paid for) by elves from the Central library in Vedcoran (main elf city) – interesting to note that the shopkeeper never told anyone she had it – the shopkeepers name is Alyn.
Michael & Peter work at separate inns for room and board. And a night is spent in the town.
The next day Michael heals his cat of all strength damage she’d received.
1 game day has passed. Starting the second day.

Wraiths are problematic.

In Melyor we go around and shop.
Michael gets a new animal companion.
Michael goes in search of information and hears about a haunted mine.
The party leaves Melyor and proceeds to the haunted mine.
We find the mine entrance, the road leading to it looks new. There is a new & well fastened rope hanging down into the shaft.
Peter shimmies down the rope, makes it to the bottom. A room, with a pit in the middle, which is below the shaft we came down.
Peter hears sounds reminiscent of an active mine.
We all proceed to enter the mine, as we all get down into the mine the sounds decrease.
Kris notices a treasure chest in a pile of rubble – a large legitimate looking treasure chest that Peter, who did a once over of the area, didn’t notice.
Matt tries to pry open the chest and it bites him. It is a Mimic.
The Mimic has adhered itself to Matt’s weapon arm and his weapon.
Battle commences.
Victory ensues.
More exploration of the mine.
Matt adds support to the walls of the mine.
We open a door and enter a room with a pool of ghostly water, eerily and unnaturally cold water, it seems likely that the room is haunted. Michael, because of his curiosity, and refusal to let things remain undisturbed, eventually gets grabbed by a ghostly figure and attacked, receiving a negative penalty to constitution.
Battle commences.
After an intense battle we dispatch the wraith.
Inside the pool, which isn’t nearly as cold as it used to be, we find a +1 scimitar, as well as several other things that Onida wrote down and need to be split up at next session.

Journey to Melyor

Matt is currently experiencing a negative status effect – vargoyle poison.
We meet with the merchant, Zlumec, who we arrived with. We tell him we will escort him, he is happy to hear this. We leave the town, the forest thickens & the road, looking more like an actual road now, widens. There are ruts, but we move beyond them and then a tree falls over. Kris dodges, Matt isn’t as lucky, he gets pinned under the tree.
Initiative is rolled.
Battle begins.
Victory is achieved.
Searching the corpses we find:
Blue sapphire – 986 GP
Purple garnet – 141 GP
Moonstone – 49 GP
Deep blue spinel – 195 GP
Deep green spinel – 54 GP
Smokey quartz – 13 GP
Tourmaline – 62 GP
Large smokey quartz – 49 GP
Irregularly shaped freshwater pearl – 1 GP
For a grand total of 1550 GP
We sell a bunch of things and we all get a lot of gold.
We move the tree off of the path. Some of the group explore the area looking for dangers, nothing is found, and everyone (adventurers & merchant) camp for the night.
The night is uneventful & the next day we continue on in our journey.
Two more uneventful days and we arrive at the port city of Melyor.
A bustling city full of a various number of races.
Shopping goes down.

The nasty vargouilles

Flying heads (vargouilles {vargoyle}) break off the wall and battle commences.
Victory ensues.
Matt, Michael, & Onida are diseased.
We proceed through the doors that Matt had roped, and we come to a very large cave with something like a sun, but no sky. We explored a little and found no signs of civilization.
We all cross the bridge back where we came from.
Onida & Peter go back to town via the way we came in; Michael, Michael’s cat, Kris, & Matt take the lift they found, if leads back up to near the top of the spiraling pit.
We all make it back to town & get healed by a cleric, she gets 9 platinum of donations from us.
We sell our diamonds, worth 300 GP. We open the iron bound box we found, inside were 15 very old platinum pieces & three rings.
1) Feather patterned – transmutation aura – ring of feather fall – worth ~2200 GP
2) Well made – dense gold, feels twice as heavy as normal – abjuration aura – worth ~8000 GP – ring of mind shielding – detect thoughts & discern lies & can tell when someone tries to detect the wearers alignment – APPEARS CURSED
3) Simple silver band – faint conjuration aura – ring of sustenance – worth ~2500

Deeper into the pit

Michael put an iron bound chest in his cats inventory.
Michael searches the tunnel where the anaconda came out of, and finds a metal piece that is some sort of lever.
Peter pushes it down and there is a gust of wind – hot air – and rumbling that begins.
While this is happening Kris is exploring down the hallway, through the door Matt opened.
We all go down to where Kris is and Kris opens a door at the end of the tunnel and we enter a room with six exquisitely carved statues that are humanoid and roughly nine feet tall.
There are stairs going downward, large four feet stairs.
Peter and Guenhwyvar are wrestling.
Kris runs and jumps down some of the stairs.
As soon as Kris lands, one of the statues animates and steps off its platform.
Battle commences with the statue.
One more statue animates.
Kris notices some guy with whited over eyes, and the white is pouring out of his eyes 300ish feet away and takes off after him.
One more statue animates.
Kris gets near the guy and the guy uses magic and disappears and the statues crumble to dust as the guy disappears.
Victory over the statues.
In the dust of each of the six statues we find a beautifully cut diamond – Matt appraises them and believes they are worth ~300GP
We go down the steps and at the bottom we come to a stone face jutting out of the wall, and there is a minor transmutation aura around it.
Kris sticks a torch up the nose of the face, it sneezes and says, “That is very rude.”
We converse and see a room through his mouth. After a time Kris offers him one of the diamonds we acquired from the destroyed statues in order to pass into the room, the face accepts, we give him a diamond that he snorts into his nose. After snorting in the diamond the face disappears and an archway replaces it.
Inside is a clean room with a fountain, containing clean water and a few benches around it. The room has three doors.
Matt tries one and it is open, inside there looks to have been an explosion. Matt enters the room. As Matt enters he disappears from Michael’s sight, and Matt finds a man with an accent mixing chemicals. Matt clears his throat and asks if there is anything he can help with, the man is surprised that Matt is there and says there’s nothing he thinks a dwarf can help with, and asks him to leave. Matt acquiesces and turns around and sees the room he came from, but with people who are not our party. As he goes to leave an explosion erupts behind him propelling him through the doorway and into Michael.
When Matt and Michael proceed into the room they find the exploded room.
Michael searches the room and finds papers in an unknown language, and Matt finds a never ending set of doors, there is a strong conjuration aura in this room.
The other door contains an office-like room inside this room is another door, which contains some sort of lift. (yet to be explored)
And the final door opens into a hallway with short outcroppings along both sides that have a couple mini fire pits on the side, halfway through the hallway it breaks and there is a chasm about 15 feet across. There is a set of double doors across the chasm and Matt attempts to lasso the door handles, he succeeds quite expertly. We gather together in that hallway, Michael shimmies across the rope and when he gets across the chasm a rumbling begins, and shortly thereafter a shriek.


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