Pathfinder in ND

We almost died!

We are invisible. Kris notices a leather pouch behind a statue. Kris grabs the leather pouch and it has a symbol on it, the symbol looks like a diamond with 3 dots on it.
Peter tells the elf outside about the leather pouch. He does not recognize it from the description given.
We climb up one more level of stairs, there is a door, Michael opens it, it’s loud, a long hallway with lots of doors. Michael closes it again.
We climb up the stairs as high as they go.
There is a big circular room with 8 orcs. Well armored and well equipped.
Two orcs notice something and we retreat down the stairs and they follow us.
They get to the top of the stairs, stop, pull out what could be a communication device, and begin talking.
Michael summons a small fire elemental and it is swiftly dispatched.
Battle commences.
Eight fire orcs in all.
Finally achieve victory by the skin of our teeth.
All fully healed.
The orcs are wearing highly unusual armor – not magical – the properties of mithril but not the look, feel, or temperature of mithril, they feel warm to the touch.

8 special mithril half-plate:
8 AC
25 lbs
30% spell failure chance
Max dex bonus: +2
Armor check penalty: -4
9600 gold each – could probably fetch 14400 gold each, especially to someone who is interested in them, and their properties.

8 swords
+1 longswords
1300 gold each

8 spears – Naginata (normal)

8 great axes (normal)

8 amulets (communication amulets)

At 21,700 exp.

We need to find a place to rest ASAP, and this probably isn’t the best place to do it.

Nick needs to roll for gold and other miscellaneous items for us.


blindestman johnstmic

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