Pathfinder in ND

The nasty vargouilles

Flying heads (vargouilles {vargoyle}) break off the wall and battle commences.
Victory ensues.
Matt, Michael, & Onida are diseased.
We proceed through the doors that Matt had roped, and we come to a very large cave with something like a sun, but no sky. We explored a little and found no signs of civilization.
We all cross the bridge back where we came from.
Onida & Peter go back to town via the way we came in; Michael, Michael’s cat, Kris, & Matt take the lift they found, if leads back up to near the top of the spiraling pit.
We all make it back to town & get healed by a cleric, she gets 9 platinum of donations from us.
We sell our diamonds, worth 300 GP. We open the iron bound box we found, inside were 15 very old platinum pieces & three rings.
1) Feather patterned – transmutation aura – ring of feather fall – worth ~2200 GP
2) Well made – dense gold, feels twice as heavy as normal – abjuration aura – worth ~8000 GP – ring of mind shielding – detect thoughts & discern lies & can tell when someone tries to detect the wearers alignment – APPEARS CURSED
3) Simple silver band – faint conjuration aura – ring of sustenance – worth ~2500


blindestman johnstmic

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