Pathfinder in ND

The mysterious pit

Battle commences with an ooze.
Dispatch the ooze.
Continue onward.
Attempt to open a door, it’s trapped, Michael gets knocked unconscious by falling rock trap.
There is something behind the door.
We retreat back to the top of the hole, and rest.
During the rest Michael wakes up and tells the person on watch he hears voices – kobolds – and goes back to bed.
The rest ends without incident.
We proceed to enter the pit.
Go back to the room with the trapped door.
It smells of burnt bear mixed with insects. Some sort of trap seems to have been set.
Kris sets one off, a flying javelin hits him.
Everyone else manages to get through the trapped without setting them off.
At the door we get through, although we did set off another trap and some of us got injured, nothing serious.
Enter a room with two doors, and four fountains, one of which is working, but it’s letting out nasty black goo.
After we all enter the room, a door slides into place, and we’re trapped. The hissing sound of a snake begins.
Battle commences.
Snake is dispatched handily.


blindestman johnstmic

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