Pathfinder in ND

Saren Rae

Onida goes back to the church where she wants to change her deity to Saren Rae. The priest gives her information for what she has to do to (presumably) gain the favor, and become a follower, of Saren Rae.
Michael knows of a mountain town called Hymowac, which is north-northeast of here and will take at least a week to get there.
Michael goes to the library asking about Hymowac, Alyn finds a book about it. Michael tells the party what he knows about Hymowac, and suggests we all leave in the morning.
The next morning comes, & Peter, Onida, & Matt buy mounts, and equipment for those mounts.
Michael visits Alyn one last time before we leave.
We head east out of town and in 1.5 hours we reach Alia (first town, the one with the sphinx) from here we think we can see Hymowac.
We proceed eastward following the river. Walk for half an hour and encounter a fork in the river.
Kris knows if we go south towards the hills we will find a bridge. We do this and in half an hour come across a bridge which we don’t cross because it won’t support our weight. We continue on, and top a hill and we have lost sight of the river. However, now we can cross, we start to go and enter into a ravine. We go down and come up the other side, and continue eastward. Another half hour and we reach mountains. (5 hours since we left Melyor & it’s mid-afternoon) we find a path up the mountain and find a sign that might indicate Hymowac is ahead. We continue upwards on a path through the mountain.
Michael’s cat seems on edge and Michael tells the group this, we dismount and prepare for whatever may come next.
A winter wolf comes out and surprise attacks Kris, Michael, & Onida.
Kris gets knocked off the path, Michael & Onida take oodles of damage. Battle commences.
Victory over the winter wolf, as it dies it says, “You’re all so selfish.”
45 minutes later after proceeding further up the path we see lights that could be torches, we also see a figure who doesn’t appear to see us.
There are huts, it’s a small village.
We converse with someone who tells us to leave the plagued ones alone.
We spend the night – uneventful.
We search around and find an area to climb; Michael, Peter, & Onida climb. Matt, Kris, and Guenhwyvar stay with the horses and search the city for a church, they find a large stone building, with a symbol hastily and angrily scratched off. Inside the building there are dozens of bodies, living people most likely.
Michael, Onida, & Peter reach a ledge and continue onward. Michael is frozen in fear, but Peter & Onida continue onward.
As they continue onward they find what looks like a spiraling drop of gold. Onida takes it and brings it back to where Michael is, he touches it and his fear is overcome. Michael casts detect magic and there is a major conjuration aura emanating from it. We all barely make it down alive – Michael never should have gone up. Onida goes to the church and along with the golden droplet heals the blight of those in the town.
2 days of game time have passed.


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