Pathfinder in ND

Riddle of the Sphinx

We are at the platform.
It’s got buttons.
Two bigger buttons.
One away from the others with symbols on it, written in ancient dwarven, and numbers are in common.
Symbols are parts of letters.
There is an orb at the top of the room. The orb is green. After pressing 3 a slice turns cyan. After pressing 1, 2, 4, 6 the whole orb turns cyan.
We start to hit all the buttons on the panel. “C” locks the door, “L” makes the air thinner.
Matt hits “C” the doors open.
Michael hits “L” nothing happens.
The waterfall is flowing again.
Kris hears MANY footsteps approaching.
Michael hits the “poo” button which seems to be some sort of master reset.
Michael hits all the numbers, makes the orb cyan, and hits “c” and opens the door.
The numbers seem to correspond to the levels, or stories, of the tower.
Kris is back with us, but not in the room.
Michael hits “6” and “C”
Nick warns us not to metagame, or he will punish us.
“F” makes the sphere disappear, and there is a low rumbling, after 10 seconds the rumbling grows louder.
Kris is in the room, the door is locked.
We’re all in the room, Kris goes and pulls the lever. The whole platform goes up, with Kris, by himself.
Kris is in the room with 4 big doors, and the doors are open.
There is a creature, just one. Large, 10ft x 10ft. It appears to be a sphinx it has the wings of a falcon, the head and torso of a human woman, and the body of a lion.
Kris says hello, the sphinx nods.
Kris asks why she’s there, it narrows its eyes and widens them.
Kris asks if she understands him, she nods.
Kris asks if she serves a purpose, she nods.
Kris asks if she would like to share that purpose, she smirks.
Kris says, “I’ll be right back.”
Kris pulls the lever, the platform descends, he comes back to the group and shares his tale. We all get on the play
Michael knows that sphinxes are magical, he didn’t think they were real. Can’t wild shape into them, because they’re magical creatures.
Michael knows there are two types of sphinxes.
1) Nice: that help weary travelers and guard villages.
2) Mean: that ask riddles and guard treasures, but not necessarily physical treasure, it could be knowledge.

Michael steps off the platform and she says, “Courage is a good sign.”
She tells him to approach.
Michael approaches, gets within five feet of her and says, “Greetings mighty sphinx, is there anything you would like to be referred to as?”
She says, " I was once called Akila."
Michael asks what she’s doing here. She says she’s in search of knowledge.
Some conversation.
The sphinx sits up, Peter offers her the windpipes of haunting.
Michael notices (with a perception of 32) that there is a mark under the sphinx.
There is something that the more you take, the more you leave behind.
We answer with, “Footsteps”
She says, “That is correct. Perhaps more than mete pebbles.”
“A horde of rings, none fit for a lover, I await a swords kiss.”
“The way I hear it, that’s correct.”
“One more to prove that you are more.”
Michael, “Oh mighty sphinx, we believe we have the answer you’re looking for, a battle standard.”
She looks pleased and smiles. She says, “That’s wrong.” And stands up revealing the entirety of the symbol she’s sitting on. We failed a fortitude save, except for Matt. It swipes at us, and says, “Knowledge is power.” Battle commences.

answer was probably courage


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