Pathfinder in ND


We found a prison in the tower.
There is an anti-magic field in the prison.
Four cells in the room, one person in each cell, some of the people we’re looking for.
One of the bodies appears to be dead, but sometimes it speaks into our minds, in old elvish, or perhaps multiple languages.
Michael finds a secret area, Matt is brave and reaches into it, it’s cold.
Matt steps in and is on bumpy metal, the sky is a sandy brown color, mountains and stuff. A hard to see but visible pattern in the sky, a grid.
Michael puts his arm through, Matt grabs his arm and comes back. Peter goes in, Michael goes in. Magic does not work here, Michael searches and finds a hex pillar about 50 feet around, seven feet tall and domed on top.
Michael goes back and relays this information to the group, and Peter to the wizard to via walkie-talkie amulet.
Michael & Peter go to the bolt, try to move it, it does not move. There is a quake, at the same time as the quake the orc in the prison shakes.
There is some connection between this world and the plain.
There are bolts all over about 20, at least one of the bolts connects to another bolt. The bolts may be on another plain, or they make us very small and so we are on the prisoners chains.
Michael and Peter, while exploring, have found sticks on the tops of bolts, the sticks seem to be keys that unlock travel between the plains.

Our world leads to Plain A
Plain A seems to be the orc
Plain B seems to be the teafling
Plain C seems to be the elf
Plain D seems to be dead(?) humanoid

00 – orc
2 – teafling
3 – elf
4 – dead(?) humanoid

Matt, Michael, and Michael’s cat are proceeding to plain D, on the way there, on plain C, we see a humanoid creature with slick grey hairless skin.
Michael and his cat sneak away from Matt, and we all sneak towards the grey creature.
The ground around the creature for a good 300 feet seems to be swampy. In this swampy land magic works.
Matt goes and gets Peter, Michael stays near the bog man.
The party returns and Michael casts Lily Pad Stride on his cat.

Grey Render is the creatures name


blindestman johnstmic

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