Pathfinder in ND

Oozes and gross

Michael, Michael’s cat, Matt & Onida follow Peter and Kris down the waterfall. Michael pulls a lever, the waterfall was stopped and the water level descends, as well as a ladder coming down from the water fall area. Michael goes to the grate pulls a lever, the four of them get pushed to the other side. Michael yells out Peters name, and as he yells his name, he hears a thunderbolt.
battle commences
Michael runs up the stairs and yells, “Follow me!”
Climb a ladder in the dark room
Up there we find a room with mundane equipment, and a door with a trap. Exhaustion trap. We get through the door, destroy the trap, and there are stairs. We head up the stairs and the exhaustion lifts. After we reach a platform there is a double door and a staircase that continues on. On the third step up there is a stone block with a metal mask, frowning, horrific and demonic, behind where the eye sockets are are eyes that are looking at our equipment, looking at them over and over. The eyes have a divination aura. And the mask is a war mask of the god gorum – chaotic neutral.
Hallway behind the double door, and we hear distant footsteps.
Michael explores, finds what seems to be a theatre in one room and a kitchen in another. There are at least 70 orcs, most likely hundreds in this place.
Michael gets back to the group, having evaded the guard who is patrolling, who happened to be making the footsteps.
While we are discussing what to do the stone face begins to slide down. Peter casts invisibility sphere, we as a group move to get out of the path between the stairs and door.
There is an elf behind the sliding door, wearing very non-typical elf apparel. He is wearing really expensive armor could be mithril or brass (the colors are somewhat similar). The elf is with an orc, and the elf stops and looks as though he is looking for something that is not there (probably us.) They go out the door.
We go through where the mask door was and now we are past the face.

Nick has been saying things that we should be taking figuratively, that we’ve been taking literally. People have been saying it to us as well.


blindestman johnstmic

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