Pathfinder in ND

Never trust a summon

The half-ogre goes up to and proceeds to choke the elf to death.
After some discussion she kills him.
After some more discussion we decide that our party needs to find the control room of the tower, and find a way to close off the tower to outsiders and give certain people access.

We proceed back the way we came, to the entrance of the tower.
We come to a door slightly larger than normal.
It has an illusion aura on it, and there is a secret door right in front of the door that we see.
Michael burrows under the door and finds a door with chains on the other side. He summons a wolverine, it approaches the door, a bolt of lightning comes from the door into the wolverine. The wolverine turns on Michael, he dispatches it, a presence tries to possess Michael, but he resists it.
Michael opens the door.
Peter walks in and the sconces light up and a center bonfire ignites and a pedestal behind the bonfire.
There’s a grid and unrecognizable numbers on the grid.


blindestman johnstmic

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