Pathfinder in ND

Magic items are marvelous

Archetypes at level 7 If you want.
Michael starts crafting alchemist’s fire. Will take him 56 hours to craft one.
Peter has begun the process of scribing the scroll of Shield.
Michael goes around the town and asks people if they know what the alchemical recipe is, or if they recognize it. He finds someone who has pertinent information. Michael will have to come back at a later (unknown) time to find out more.
Michael desires to gain a closer kinship with his deity, the Spirit of the Forest, every in-game end-day for the next week he must roll a Knowledge Nature roll.
Roll 1 – 23
Roll 2 – 30
Roll 3 – 31
Roll 4 – 32
Roll 5 – 13
Roll 6 – 26
Roll 7 – 19
We proceed back to Alia.
The Sphinx has been around as long as we know, weird occult things have happened with the sphinx, things with lesser demons.
Go to Fei – the big trading post – four more buildings have showed up. Including a three story building that claims to have, "everything. "
We stay in Fei for four days while Peter crafts his cloak.
While we are in the area for Peter’s crafting, Michael builds a shelter, because he’s a druid.
Michael has completed 2 alchemists fires. And during his meditation he detects the scent of Oak, it is drawing him westward, 2 of the nights he smells burning oaks, but he doesn’t know what this means.
We leave Fei and head north.
Michael’s shelter is coming along, it blends in very well with the surroundings, and can comfortably house 4 medium sized creatures.
The party has sold their mounts and the things that go along with them.
We leave the town and head north.
After traveling we come to a desert.
It’s getting colder.
The trail we’re on has disappeared at some point in the past.
We are camping, Michael & his cat hear a sound, they don’t recognize it.
3 giant scorpions (large size) appear.
Battle commences.
Kris & Matt resolve poison. They have strength damage.
Scorpions have chiten (30 lbs)
We set watches and rest.
10 days game time has passed.


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