Pathfinder in ND

Journey to Melyor

Matt is currently experiencing a negative status effect – vargoyle poison.
We meet with the merchant, Zlumec, who we arrived with. We tell him we will escort him, he is happy to hear this. We leave the town, the forest thickens & the road, looking more like an actual road now, widens. There are ruts, but we move beyond them and then a tree falls over. Kris dodges, Matt isn’t as lucky, he gets pinned under the tree.
Initiative is rolled.
Battle begins.
Victory is achieved.
Searching the corpses we find:
Blue sapphire – 986 GP
Purple garnet – 141 GP
Moonstone – 49 GP
Deep blue spinel – 195 GP
Deep green spinel – 54 GP
Smokey quartz – 13 GP
Tourmaline – 62 GP
Large smokey quartz – 49 GP
Irregularly shaped freshwater pearl – 1 GP
For a grand total of 1550 GP
We sell a bunch of things and we all get a lot of gold.
We move the tree off of the path. Some of the group explore the area looking for dangers, nothing is found, and everyone (adventurers & merchant) camp for the night.
The night is uneventful & the next day we continue on in our journey.
Two more uneventful days and we arrive at the port city of Melyor.
A bustling city full of a various number of races.
Shopping goes down.


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