Pathfinder in ND

Heroes of Alia

The next morning we wake up and the town is throwing a party for us
Ereth (elder at Alia) gives us a letter explaining what we did for the town, it is addressed to the town of Vedcora (the town Ereth comes from – is the elf authority on the west side of the continent)
A townsman manages to get a tree to fall on him, we rescue him and come back to town.
The next day we wake up and head southwest to Vedcora.
Travel for half a day and come to a bridge 40 feet long and 10 feet wide.
Two guys with a troll on a chain are extorting people who attempt to cross the bridge.
Peter intimidates them and we cross the bridge.
After two days we arrive safely at Vedcora, the elf city. (Est. pop. 10,000)
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