Pathfinder in ND

Got the goods

Kris opens the door that triggered a trap that almost killed him last time.
Onida goes down the hall that the door Kris opened leads to, there is a stone demon face with a surprised expression on its face. The stone demon face had a prism shaped ioun stone that is dusty rose colored. There is an alteration aura coming from the prism (ioun stone) Onida picked up. We all proceed down the hallway that the demon face is looking down.
Tapping is coming through the wall, we find a place where it is strongest, but don’t know of any way to access it so we continue on. We reach the room with the pressure plate that the centipedes were swarming over. So we go back to the T intersection and follow the other path. We come to a door, open it and inside is a drow elf, who is surprised to see us. He drops a smoke bomb and escapes, the room is full of the treasure we are looking for. We loot the room of all of its treasures, and while we load up the goods we look through them and identify the magical items.
The magical items we find are:
+1 Warhammer of shock: regular warhammer damage {1d8} +1d6 shock damage – Matt
*Ring of sustenance – Michael
*Ring of mind shield: protects against spells that detect lies, detect thoughts, or alignment – Onida
*Amulet of mighty fists: +1 – Kris
*Amulet of natural armor: +2 – Gwynn
*Braces of armor: +3 – Kris
*Crown: An extremely old crown of minor blasting: deals 3d8 fire damage once per day – Michael
*Illusory deck of cards, summons creatures that follow the summoners commands: 7 of spades = trademark joker & 7 of diamonds = regular joker – Onida
We load up my cat with the goods, and proceed to exit the dungeon.
We uneventfully leave the mine, and it is just after sunset.
We see 5 drow elves fighting (presumably) our guide, and one lone observer.
Battle commences.
Loot on the drow:
*Cloak of resistance +1
*Rapiers (5)
*Drow poison (12)
*Hand crossbow (5) & bolts (30)
*Scale mail (4)
Onida’s ioun stone is a regular ioun stone that gives +1 insight bonus to AC & is cursed, the only effect of the curse that Peter can tell is that Onida cannot get rid of it.
The lone observer is Peter, who is also the brother of our guide.
Ask the name of Michael’s scimitar
Split up items (drow loot)
Ask Peter what the papers written in an unknown language say
Peter is scribing a scroll
Show Peter scrolls (all parties scrolls) so he can learn new spells
12 hours of game time have passed
*prepare for next level


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