Pathfinder in ND

Frost worms be dangerous

Onida’s wooden holy symbol is turned to gold after the golden spiral stops glowing and falls to the stone floor. The spiral turns to stone. The town’s people are quite thankful and offer us gold. We initially accept, but when we overhear their dire straights, we give it back. They tell us they’ve suffered from thieves. All their prized possessions have been stolen by a band of thieves over a period of time. If we recover their treasure. we can each choose a treasure to keep. We question them about how long they may have been under the blight, and we tell them the current date. They do not recognize the calendar, suggesting it has been a very long time indeed. A man named Iggor offers to lead us to the thieves’ camp. We travel for two days.
Peter notices some rumbling, our guide is disturbed. He thinks it’s a frost worm: 2-16 tons something almost mythical; can eat whole caravans, it’s not fightable (at least by us.) We head for some large boulders that can’t be burrowed through. We barely make it up a large boulder.
The frost worm: 35 ft long, white, frost wisps waft between it’s mandibles. one eye, very fearsome. It issues a trill which fascinates. It lets out an icy blast, so cold that it splits part of the rock we’re on. Peter’s pony bolts, distracting the worm. The worm follows after the horse and we run away.
We continue on. 3rd day we find a small fort. Our guide identifies it as our destination. We search the fort. it is empty, but it appears to be used. One building has mining stuff: carts, and rail tracks going into the mountain. It appears to be a silver/aluminum mine. We go out and tell our guide to watch the horses and wait for us for up to three days. We break down a few doors. One is trapped. Pwent gets ruined, taking 6d6 damage. We see a centipede swarm swarming all over an object, we hear a bunch of people scramble behind the door that was trapped.
It is mid day on the third day.
3 days of game time have passed.


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