Pathfinder in ND

Frost Giant

We proceed northward through the desert on what we think used to be the path.
We see a huge, 200 foot radius, 6,000 foot tall eyrie, to the west we see the ocean, which is freezing near the shore. The tower is pristine.
There’s a panel with magic looking symbols on it, we don’t know what they say or mean.
We proceed into the tower.
We see a group of people inside the tower, they look ragtag like us and they do appear to be aware of us.
Nine of them.
Two dwarves: male and female, dressed in noble clothes.
Two humans, dressed as wizards.
One elven wizard. The wizards are part of an old, closed group of wizards, called The Dark Deep, and they are dedicated to the study of old magic, rather than the acquiring of newer magics.
Two half orcs dressed to the brim in heavy armor.
A half ogre female.
A Tiefling, demon folk, of demon ancestry.
They are all decked out in magical gear.
The half ogre greets us, she is friendly. The elf rushes up and demands to know who sent us.
The team of nine doesn’t want us here.
The ogre grabs Peter and in a deceivingly menacing way says, “I’m sorry about this, but we should be gone in a week.”
The tiefling summons something that stays around for more than a minute, seems to be a summoned creature, but it’s different.
We decide to leave and head to the dwarven kingdom, which is eastward.
As we travel we notice a thudding, Michael sneaks up and sees a frost giant, he then proceeds back to the group and informs them. We then produce a battle plan and the best laid plans of gnomes and dwarves often go awry. Spellcasting alerts the frost giant to our presence and battle commences.
Victory is achieved. The giant’s loot is:
Large great axe
Large chain shirt
Magical cloak of resistance +2
Two magical (set of) medium short swords +1
368 GP
In gems 174 GP – including a set of earrings
Scroll of invisibility sphere
Potion of aid – CL 3
Potion of cure moderate wounds – CL 3
Mundane equipment totaling 33 GP (sell for half).
1 day of game time has passed.
Preparing to bed down for the night.


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