Pathfinder in ND

wagers, fuego, and weirdness

Matt, Kris, Onida, Michael and his cat go the dwarven ring.
We let Matt approach by himself, while we wait in the trees.
Matt talks and receives no information.
Peter is up to shenanigans in the town – looking to spar with people in Fei.
We get back to town and Peter finds us.
He has set up a fixed fight with an orc and a halfling.
The fixed bar fight has begun with peter and the orc.
Kris is not involved, he is outside.
Onida is involved and will heal at the end.
Michael and Matt are neutral parties who will get involved to save Peter and/or prevent the halfling from running away with the money.
Michael ends up waging 4GP and winning 12GP
Peter ends up knocking the orc out (who didn’t appear to be trying to throw the fight.) Onida heals the orc who proceeds to run away because he is being booed. Peter gets paid for the arrangement. Distributes money.
The fire goes out.
Go to sleep.
The next day we go down to where the fire was.
We come across pinpricks of light and battle commences with them.
We are victorious over the points of light.
Continue onward to the tree line.
The dwarves are not only dead but skeletonized, and have no equipment.
Nothing left around the cleared area.
Kris, Matt, Michael and his cat go down the stairs.
We are in a room that seems to be some sort of trap.
I activated it, and a black ichor is coalescing in the center of the room.
Me and my cat proceed into the room. I get knocked off my cat.
The ichor has invaded all the grooves of the room. I manage to hit it and the ichor retreats to the far side of the room.
We all go to the other side of the room and kris throws alchemist’s fire at the ichor.


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