Pathfinder in ND

Deeper into the pit

Michael put an iron bound chest in his cats inventory.
Michael searches the tunnel where the anaconda came out of, and finds a metal piece that is some sort of lever.
Peter pushes it down and there is a gust of wind – hot air – and rumbling that begins.
While this is happening Kris is exploring down the hallway, through the door Matt opened.
We all go down to where Kris is and Kris opens a door at the end of the tunnel and we enter a room with six exquisitely carved statues that are humanoid and roughly nine feet tall.
There are stairs going downward, large four feet stairs.
Peter and Guenhwyvar are wrestling.
Kris runs and jumps down some of the stairs.
As soon as Kris lands, one of the statues animates and steps off its platform.
Battle commences with the statue.
One more statue animates.
Kris notices some guy with whited over eyes, and the white is pouring out of his eyes 300ish feet away and takes off after him.
One more statue animates.
Kris gets near the guy and the guy uses magic and disappears and the statues crumble to dust as the guy disappears.
Victory over the statues.
In the dust of each of the six statues we find a beautifully cut diamond – Matt appraises them and believes they are worth ~300GP
We go down the steps and at the bottom we come to a stone face jutting out of the wall, and there is a minor transmutation aura around it.
Kris sticks a torch up the nose of the face, it sneezes and says, “That is very rude.”
We converse and see a room through his mouth. After a time Kris offers him one of the diamonds we acquired from the destroyed statues in order to pass into the room, the face accepts, we give him a diamond that he snorts into his nose. After snorting in the diamond the face disappears and an archway replaces it.
Inside is a clean room with a fountain, containing clean water and a few benches around it. The room has three doors.
Matt tries one and it is open, inside there looks to have been an explosion. Matt enters the room. As Matt enters he disappears from Michael’s sight, and Matt finds a man with an accent mixing chemicals. Matt clears his throat and asks if there is anything he can help with, the man is surprised that Matt is there and says there’s nothing he thinks a dwarf can help with, and asks him to leave. Matt acquiesces and turns around and sees the room he came from, but with people who are not our party. As he goes to leave an explosion erupts behind him propelling him through the doorway and into Michael.
When Matt and Michael proceed into the room they find the exploded room.
Michael searches the room and finds papers in an unknown language, and Matt finds a never ending set of doors, there is a strong conjuration aura in this room.
The other door contains an office-like room inside this room is another door, which contains some sort of lift. (yet to be explored)
And the final door opens into a hallway with short outcroppings along both sides that have a couple mini fire pits on the side, halfway through the hallway it breaks and there is a chasm about 15 feet across. There is a set of double doors across the chasm and Matt attempts to lasso the door handles, he succeeds quite expertly. We gather together in that hallway, Michael shimmies across the rope and when he gets across the chasm a rumbling begins, and shortly thereafter a shriek.


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