Pathfinder in ND

Deep gnomes and centipede swarms

“Matt” grabs an alchemists fire and Peter hits the door in front of him with his flail.
“Matt” throws the alchemists fire & misses but does 1 splash damage to the centipede swarm.
Battle commences.
Dispatch the centipede swarm.
Michael searches where the swarm was and lowers & raises the pressure plate. Which opens the door.
Peter broke the door and there’s a room with pillars, painting and writing in orcish that says, “It’s a trap.”
Found a secret door and Michael finds a trap in the hallway that the secret door opened into.
Michael springs the trap from a safe distance.
We proceed into the room & bump into 5 svirfneblin (deep gnome) & convince them to lead us to the humanoids they’ve seen around. The leader’s name is Frak.
There is a statue in the room of a demon, hezrou is it’s type.
We follow the deep gnomes.
Get through some locks.
Get to a door that last time the gnomes came through was locked, and is now open.
Peter goes through first. Peter, with the zombies in the room, have an initial round & then everyone gets involved.
Battle commences with zombies.
“Pherys fang’s looted this place” is scrawled on the wall.
“Matt” lays 2 caltrops on the smaller map.
We go through the door & continue on.
We progress onward & find an unlocked lockbox.
Inside the lockbox is:
63 GP
150 SP
And other gems all totaling ~1095 gp
A potion of (most likely) enlarge person
The treasure needs to be split up.
About 9 hours of game time have passed.


blindestman johnstmic

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