Pathfinder in ND

Clones aren't fair

Battle commences.
Biggest guy summons a copy of itself, little skeletons die.
Guenhwyvar dies.
A familiar, and quite beat-up looking, half-ogre swoops in and knocks out the copy and hits the original.
She joins the battle on our side.
Matt performs a coup de grace on the summon, and doesn’t kill it.
Battle continues.
The half-ogre kills it.

We grab the book on the pedestal and go back to the room we came through, open the book and we get transported back to the prison room.

Peter tries to cast spark, it fizzles out and right after that the cages disintegrate, the halfling disintegrates like ash, and I’m relaying the story to the half-ogre and Peter starts to relay it to the wizard over the magical walkie-talkie, but the half-ogre stops him and tells Peter not to, that we haven’t been told the whole story


blindestman johnstmic

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