Pathfinder in ND

Back to Hymowack

Michael’s scimitar, that can resize itself is named Joia.
The papers written in an unknown language are an alchemical recipe for something unknown, Peter transcribes them into Draconic for me.
We rest & the next day head back to the town. We crest a ridge & see the stones where we hid from the frost worms. A person is hanging above them, suspended by their feet from a crude structure.
Michael & his cat do some sneaking & find a pair of ice trolls. Goes back to the party and relays the information.
Planning happens.
Battle commences.
Victory ensues.
2 large battles axes for loot.
We untie the guy who was hanging, he was a part of a caravan going to the southern major dwarven home, from the city of Rath.
We get back to Hymowack.
Jensin Marco (the guy we rescue) tells us if we’re ever in Rath to look him up.
We say we will and wish him well on his travels.
Get 200GP apiece, level up, now at 15,400 exp
**Peter needs to craft snapleaf magic items
18 hours game time has passed


blindestman johnstmic

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